Bathymetrical survey

JSC YUZHMORGEOLOGIYA has all the necessary certificates, a fleet, an equipment, a software and staff for execution of bathymetrical surveys by any scale in rivers, water bodies, on the sea shelves, on the continental slope and in deep water regions of Russian marine economic zone.

JSC YUZHMORGEOLOGIYA gained a wide experience of seabed surveys such as prospecting pipeline and cable routes, wreck location, as well as executing of engineering and geological surveys during construction of the marine structures, performing sonar and hydro location surveys of harbor areas.

JSC YUZHMORGEOLOGIYA has hardware & software system capable to perform data processing, map construction and map printing, making of electronic maps and databases.

  • Equipment for shallow water surveys:
    • Double frequency surveying echo sounders ПЭЛ-Д (Russian standard’s certificate)
    • Multibeam echo sounder Simrad EM-3000
  •  Equipment for deep water surveys:
    • Multibeam echo sounder Simrad EM-12
  •  Navigation support