Chemical analysis laboratory

CAL - Central Analytical Laboratory - provides chemical analysis services of:

  • water
  • soil
  • air, atmospheric emissions
  • sediment, suspended solids
  • ore and rocks
  • metals and alloys, non-metallic ore materials
  • hydrocarbons and petroleum products
  • different types of waste

Offers services in the field of ecological monitoring and environmental certification.

Complex of chemical analysis equipment allows solving the problems in the field of chemical and analytical control of the environment and geologic exploration objects, in particular, for oil and gas offshore exploration using geochemical methods for bottom sediments and continuous hydrocarbon profiling over a water column.


Chemical-analytical laboratory scope of accreditation:

  1. Natural water.
  2. Sea water.
  3. Drinking water.
  4. Waste water.
  5. Atmospheric air.
  6. Soils.
  7. Ferromanganese nodules.
  8. Rocks, gravel, sand.
  9. Sediments, suspended matter.
  10. Manganese ore, iron, copper and cobalt, sulfide.
  11. Vegetation, living organisms, aquatic organisms.
  12. Metals and alloys: antimony, aluminum, copper, lead, selenium, tin, alloy steel, ferrotitanium, tinless bronze.
  13. Non-metallic ore materials (feldspar and quartz-feldspar, mica, diopside).
Optical-mineralogical study of bottom sediments Chromatographic methods of research Radiographic methods of bottom sediments clay minerals research


Pipette method for determination of particle size distribution and aggregate composition of ocean and sea bottom sediments Particle size analysis: drying and weighing of grain-size particles


Large oil and gas companies, oil terminals, ports, Kuban State University, Environmental Committee of the Krasnodar Territory, Russian Academy of Sciences Institute of Oceanology of South Ossetia are the main customers for our methodical chemical-analytical developments.