One of the JSC YUZHMORGEOLOGIYA divisions – “Special Design Bureau of Marine Geophysical Instruments” (SKB MGP) – is focused on development of high-performance marine geological technologies and equipment used for prospecting, exploration and mining, solutions for ecological and environmental protection, social needs satisfaction in respect of goods, development and services.

Main scope of business of this entity is:

  • Support of the Company main activities
  • Priority execution of governmental programs, scheduled by SSC FSUGE “Yuzhmorgeologiya”, for experimental development and manufacture of geological and geophysical instruments, equipment and technologies for prospecting, exploration and exploitation of ocean mineral resources, geological studies and geological monitoring of certain areas of the oceans and continental shelf, in rivers, lakes, ponds, in extremely shallow waters and in transition zones.
  • Development and design of new types of special marine and navigation equipment for prospecting and exploration of mineral resources as well as computer equipment;
  • Experimental development and production of devices and systems required for environmental services;
  • Development and production of consumer goods, instruments and devices to meet the requirements of agriculture and industry, provision of services to the city and region residents;
  • Other business activities