Ecological surveys and monitoring

Nowadays, high environmental standards do not hinder economic development of marine, exploration, oil and gas, and transport companies, but on the contrary, enhance their competitiveness.

Diploma of gold medal award
Diploma of gold medal award

In this context, environmental surveys and monitoring

• at all stages of field exploration, development and exploitation,
• at the stage of investment justification in the areas of subsea pipelines and communications laying, during preparation of pipeline routes and in subsequent stages,
• in water areas of ports, marine terminals and anchorages

are carried out by special subdivisions of the JSC YUZHMORGEOLOGIYA on a regular basis – both by performing of governmental programs and projects for interested companies.

Ecological surveys include:

comprehensive analysis of information obtained from published and library materials concerning environmental state of the research area, cartographic materials computer processing, aerospace materials environmental interpretation and data bank formation;

field studies aimed to the component-wise description (mapping) of the environment and marine ecosystems landscapes: hydrochemical, hydrophysical, hydrobiological, lithological and geochemical surveys, sampling of sea waters and marine soils and determination of pollution components in them;

office processing of survey data, conduction of chemical analysis and other laboratory work, obtained data analysis, forecasts and recommendations development, preparation of technical report.

SSC FSUGE “Yuzhmorgeologiya” carries out geo-environmental monitoring projects in the Southern Seas waters of the Russian Federation since 1989. Over this period, an information base has been formed and continues to be replenished, which provides rapid acquisition of data, concerning state and trends of change in resource potential of coastal areas, that shall be used for making management decisions.

At the 5th Moscow International Salon of Innovations and Investments in 2005, SSC FSUGE “Yuzhmorgeologiya” was awarded the gold medal for the development of “Environmental Rehabilitation of the Azov Sea”, and the bronze medal for the development “Use of modern means of sedimentary formations study in order to identify forms of toxic metals presence in Azov sediments”.