Our objectives

  1. Study and preparation for the World Ocean mineral resources development
  2. Forecasting and prospecting of sea hydrocarbon deposits
  3. Development of technical equipment and marine geological and geophysical research technologies
  4. Monitoring of subsurface condition and seismological monitoring (State monitoring of subsurface geological environment)
  5. Geotechnical and geo-ecological research of offshore areas and adjoining lands
  6. Information and analytical support of offshore exploration work on research and development of oil and gas potential of the Russia’s continental shelf and World Ocean Mineral Resources

In order to achieve these goals the company concentrates its activities in the following areas:

  • Study and development of geological models of mineral and energy resources of seas and oceans. Creation and preparation for issuance of state geological maps.
  • Development of high-performance hardware-technical complexes for equipping of research vessels, technologies of remote and contact methods of geological and geophysical studies of the seabed
  • Complex maritime studies: geophysical, geological and geochemical, hydrogeological, lithodynamic, geodynamic, geotechnical drilling and selection of sediment samples
  • Geo-environmental study, assessment of the impact on the environment of exploration, mining engineering and offshore operations, quality examination of the marine environment and coastal areas
  • Focusing on compliance to the highest quality and safety standards for all types of work