Technology for geotechnical studies in shelf and transition zones

  • Construction support
  • Drilling support
  • Cable surveys

Open Joint-Stock Company Lukoil, semi-submersible rig «Astra», the first in the North Caspian

Site survey was made by JSC YUZHMORGEOLOGIYA in 2004


  • Natural and artificial reservoirs, rivers
  • Shallow water zones (water depth from 0 to 3 — 5m)
  • Onshore-offshore transition zones
  • Shelf zones with a depth of 50 to 70m

The world's demand for geo-technical investigations is constantly growing and we are ready for collaboration with the companies engaged in underwater construction and drilling. Our company's efficient geo-technical exploration is based on sophisticated technologies that are developed by our company.

We know that reliable data about seabed relief, geology, underwater obstacles reduces hazards when constructing offshore terminals, installation jack-ups and laying pipelines. Providing high-quality data is a key to the success of our geotechnical surveys that specifies all elements of the technological process. (Section «Offshore Site Surveys».)

The investigations are based on:

  • Russian Standard SNiP 11-02-96  «Geotechnical survey for construction»
  • Russian Standard SP 11-102-97  «Geotechnical and ecological survey for construction»
  • Russian Standard SP 11-103-97  «Geotechnical and hydro meteorological survey for construction»
  • Russian Standard SP 11-102-97  «Geotechnical and geodetic survey for construction»
  • License providing rights to conduct geotechnical survey in the territory of the Russian Federation № FLC 23023924 dated July, 20 2001 (issued by the Russian State Committee for Construction and Housing Maintenance and Utilities)

The main technological feature is a custom-tailored combination of high-performance exploration techniques for a specific type of work. The key to success is realized on the basis of our shipboard systems and our optimum set of equipments.

The modular structure of the systems using different types of research vessels helps us to easily adapt to the Customer's requirements and field conditions to carry out studies in various field zones, minimizing mobilization period.

Synergy of the technology is achieved by a combination of a variety of exploration techniques (geophysics, acoustics, video-survey, coring) with a wide range of water depths.