Technology of multi component seismic survey onshore-offshore

Innovative direction of YMG activity based on modern multi component and radio telemetric systems of data acquisition

  • High-quality data acquisition potential in hard-to-reach areas of shallow water
  • Cost cutting and time savings thanks to using cable-free methods
  • Mobility and maneuverability due to using light vessels
  • Mitigation and reduction of environmental impacts 


The strategic target of JSC YUZHMORGEOLOGIYA— is the development of new markets. Shallow water areas of the Russian shelf encompass more than 700 thousand square kilometers that are poorly studied due to complex natural conditions which hamper traditional methods of seismic exploration. The prospecting of such zones by YMG allows us to penetrate into a new market niche and establish new customers, to make a real step from science to business!

Technology can be successfully used in:

  • marshes, flood plains, coastal lakes;
  • land bays, sand banks, estuaries, deltas;
  • open shallow banks, wide tidal and littoral zones

Equipment base:

  • The «ВОХ» system is one of the most advanced telemetric systems in the world (manufactured by Fairfield Industries, USA)
  • The ССТ 480 telemetric system of data acquisition (designed and manufactured by YMG)
  • Group airguns (manufactured by Bolt Technology Corp.) including down hole sources (manufactured by YMG)
  • Various types of specialized carriers (manufactured by YMG)

Research surveys are conducted by qualified staff, in accordance with modern exploration techniques.

Successful application of the technology helped JSC YUZHMORGEOLOGIYA for the first time to:

  • explore the Gulf of Taganrog of the Azov Sea by geophysical methods;
  • single out about 40 productive horizons on the basis of the acquired data from the deep structure of the sea of Azov (lower Mesozoic-Paleozoic);
  • obtain new data about geological structures of the extremely shallow areas of the North Caspian Sea and the Volga river delta;
  • complete regional studies on the Yamal and Gydan peninsulas obtained from offshore data;
  • study in great detail the Paleozoic sediments in the area of Obskaya Guba (the Gulf of Ob) in the Kara Sea.