Programs and projects

The corporate policy of JSC YUZHMORGEOLOGIYA is based on striving for collaboration and exchange of experience — both in scientific and commercial spheres. The active search for the cooperative possibilities, in combination with the scientific knowledge and the reputation of a reliable partner, are realized in the participation of our company in large number of federal and international scientific and technical programs and projects.

We are the only Russian scientific company representing our country in the UNO International Seabed Authority, which grants Russia the rights to explore and develop the ore-bearing territory of 75 000 of square kilometers in the Pacific Ocean, with large deposits of polymetallic nodules. For more than 30 years JSC YUZHMORGEOLOGIYA has been implementing a comprehensive programme of studies in this area, cooperating actively with other countries-participants of the International Seabed Authority.

During the last years JSC YUZHMORGEOLOGIYA has been one of the most active participants realizing «The Naval Doctrine of the Russian Federation till 2020.».

For the last decade JSC YUZHMORGEOLOGIYA was an active participant of various international scientific and commercial projects: