The Human Resources policies account for the market economy principles of our company and is based on the constant improvement of personnel management. The use of modern instruments of control over the internal business-processes together with traditional approaches in the social sphere stimulates the initiative and promotes the creativity of the staff thus helping to reduce professional risks.

The HR potential of the company is made up of many qualified specialists: geologists, geophysics, engineers, chemists, designers, and programmers, many of whom are the graduates of Moscow State University, Bauman MSTU, LETI, the Ryazan and Taganrog institutes of radio engineering etc. Among them there are 34 Doctors of Science, 12 of which have Governmental awards. The specialists of YMG are members of these domestic and foreign scientific associations: Russian Academy of the Earth Sciences, Moscow Society of the Nature Investigators, The Ukraine Engineering Academy, The Ukraine Academy of Oil and Gas, AAPG, SEG, EAGE, IMMS, PACON and others.

The personnel of our company have high professional skills and practical experience in all spheres of the company's activities. Our field parties and marine crews are specialists of the highest qualification. We work with modern high-tech equipment and software which requires special skills. The personnel operating the western equipment obtain professional training directly at the manufacturing company's facilities (Fairfield, Geosoft). Our staff is constantly upgrading their skills by participating in various commercial projects, in special training and internships, including abroad.

The total number of the company employees is 981 persons. The share of the staff involved in R & D and field survey activity is 63% and is presented by the various professional categories. (See the diagram)

In spite of the professional differences, the employees share a common understanding of the company's strategy; this helps YMG to solve complicated scientific and commercial tasks.