Geotechnical Division «YuzhmorInzhGeo» continues the regional survey and state mineral resources monitoring under the Government Program

The Geotechnical Division «YuzhmorInzhGeo» is under processing of following projects:

«Regional Survey»

The 1st stage of the project « National geologic maps preparation with a scale of 1: 1 000 000, L-37 sheets – Rostov-on-Don (Azov Sea and Black Seas area) and L-39 – Astrakhan (Caspian Sea Area) (GC № К.41.2015.002) » has been fully completed. The sketch maps of the National Geologic Map - 1000/3 (L-37 and L-39 sheets) have been completely charted. The Second stage of the project will be extended in 2016.

The contract operations (GC № 44/01/13-56 «Geological survey on a scale of 1: 200 000, K-37-X sheets (gully of Mzimta River) and K-37-XVI (Abissal-16) ») completed in the Black Sea.

The following operations conducted:

For the first time for Russian water area of the Black Sea (4 680 km2  ), the set of maps of the up-to-date multipurpose geological base on a scale of 1: 2 000 000 with the forward geophysical base in GIS format has been charted. The maps are required for solving of different problems in national economy, geological explorations planning, estimation of hydrocarbon and other mineral resources prospects.

In the Caspian Sea waters the 1st stage of the project «Geological survey on a scale of 1: 200 000 of the К-38-VI sheet (offshore part, Krainovka) (1 stage) » under the Government Contract № 10/10/15-21 of Jun 16, 2015 has been completed.

The following fieldworks performed:

The second stage of the project, including the fieldworks performance and report preparation, will be extended in 2016.

At the present time the company is conducting the operations under the Government Contract № 49/01/16-5 «Geological survey on a scale of 1: 200 000 of the К-38- XXXV sheets (offshore part, Kotchubey), L-38-XXXVI (Suyutkino) ».

The following fieldworks performed:

The work will be extended in 2016

It is scheduled for 2016 to start the project «Construction and preparation of the Geologic Map – 200 sheets K-37-X (gully of Mzimta River), K-37-XVI (Abissal-16), L-37-VIII (Zhdanov), IX (Taganrog), (1 stage)».


The operations performed under the Government Program of the State mineral resources monitoring.

The monitoring of the Caspian, the Azov and the Black Seas basins of the Russian Federation has been completed under the Government Contract dated May 15, 2015. GC 01/20/60-2«State monitoring of the mineral resources state in the coastal seas of the Russian Federation»

The set of digital advanced sheets on a scale of 1: 100 000 including the insert maps has been charted. The effective survey of the deep-sea eruption performed as well as the relevant data of geological hazards – the active underwater mud volcanoes in Azov Sea and Kerch Strait – were conducted.