Over the past 20 years JSC YUZHMORGEOLOGIYA has been successfully carrying out ROV surveys using the RTM 500, RT 1000, RT 6000 ROVs and the Towed Underwater Surveying System «Neptune», all of that designed and manufactured by JSC YUZHMORGEOLOGIYA for:

Japanise I-52 submarine. Water depth 4470 m. Surveyed with use of the  «Neptune» towed system


Underwater video inspection is one of the most successful commercially developing services provided by JSC YUZHMORGEOLOGIYA. Undetected flaws or hidden defects may lead to a disaster or wreck. Thus, a professional survey is a valuable preventive action and risk insurance.


Over a period of years, JSC YUZHMORGEOLOGIYA has been improving survey techniques to increase accuracy of our surveys. The companies deploying the underwater structures (underwater pipelines, terminals, vessels, outlet headers of treatment plants), get the precise information about the state of their property. Being well-informed our specialists are able to evaluate whether maintenance or repair is required.

Choice of the competent staff

JSC YUZHMORGEOLOGIYA is one of the companies, where advanced research procedures, skilled personnel and special-purpose equipment guarantee stable performance.

NDT inspection

CP measurements are taken using the systems of contact and remote measuring methods (BUCKLEY and SUBSPECTION (UK) and with use of the acoustic and magnetic underwater inspection methods of pipelines, cable routes and geotechnical structures.

As a result of complex studies using the following tools:

JSC YUZHMORGEOLOGIYA provides a complete data package, including quality control, description of procedures and data interpretation in accordance with international standards (DNV, IMCA etc.). The final report form is agreed with the Customer.

Visual inspection

JSC YUZHMORGEOLOGIYA conducts underwater surveys and obtains digital images at a depth of 0 - 1000m even under low visibility, using the active impulse laser lighting system with backscattering rejection.

Photo (ROV preparation)

JSC YUZHMORGEOLOGIYA personnel are able to carry out surveys with surface control, using video cameras, mounted on ROVs. The survey may be carried out by 3 cameras simultaneously. A ROV manipulator could be used if required.


The successful search and recovery operation of the flight recorders from a crashed Airbus A320 became a good demonstration of JSC YUZHMORGEOLOGIYA capabilities in search and salvage operations.

The tragedy with Armavia plane occured in May of 2006. The plane with 113 passengers onboard crushed and sunk in the Black Sea into water over 600 m deep when landing in Sochi.  Strong currents and heavy sediment had quickly covered the wreckage removing all traces. It was impossible to locate visually the “black boxes” on the seabed.

The team of professionals from our company was able to solve successfully that problem. The salvage operation was conducted using the RT 1000 MRV, the light work/observation class vehicle rated to 1,000 meters and equipped with three video-cameras, six lights, a hydraulic manipulator with a special pump which able to clean sediments and plume from the buried recorders that were identified with use of the ROV-Homer (Sonardyne) direction guidance acoustic sensor specially installed on RT 1000. The recovery of the recorders was carried out with use of the hydraulic manipulator. It was the first salvage operation successfully performed by the Russian equipment at a depth of 600 meters.

JSC YUZHMORGEOLOGIYA has been а survey Contractor since the mid-90s. During that time, the company carried out more then 30 contracts. The main targets were underwater pipelines, cables, sunken objects, water treatment plants, unexploded war ordnance and harborage industrial debris.

Customers and successful expeditions:




 “Admiral Nakhimov” Cruiser, sunken in  1998

M. P. Zarat Ltd.

1999, 2002,2003, 2004




“Kursk” submarine


General Shipping S. S. R. L.


Serept (Tunis)


Caspian Pipeline Consortium


Blue Stream Pipeline Company

2004, 2005

Recovery of the Armavia Airbus A-320 recorders in the Black Sea