“NPP YMGinfo" computing Center offers its services of historical seismic data quality reconstruction from magnetic tapes (reels) with a further unpacking of data to convert them into SEGY unified format with recording on a modern magnetic storage: DLT, SDLT, IBM3590 and Exabyte cartridges, hard and optical drives.

Reprocessing of restored historical seismic data can be performed using high-performance servers and Geocluster system.

Equipment and personnel

The center has the following magnetic tape drives for reading of magnetic tapes of different densities:

Personnel of the Center is highly qualified and has wide experience in operation of such devices: more than 40 thousand tapes were processed during performing of various contracts.

Tape drives run under PC’s control using specialized adapters and software developed by employees of the Center.

Processing performance depends on the capacity of the tape reels, the presence of failures on tapes, processing graph.

At the average, it takes about 20-30 minutes to process a tape with a density of 1600 bits/inches.

The stages of technological process

 Complete technological process is as follows:

  1. Preparation of tape recorders and magnetic tapes for work.
  2. Transfer of data from magnetic tape to a PC in BIN-format.
  3. Unpacking BIN → SEGY (selection of parameters).
  4. Quality control.
  5. Scanning of observer reports.
  6. Scanning of navigation datasheets
  7. Recognition of scanned images and obtainment of UKOOA navigation files.
  8. Navigation data checking.
  9. Preparation of final datasheet and documentation.
  10. Uploading of the data on DLT / SDLT tape.
  11. Recording of the documentation on digital devices.

The typical starting material.
Dozens of carton boxes with magnetic tape reels containing historical seismic data.

The typical results of the work.
Modern media containing seismic data in a compact form suitable for a rapid usage.