PEL-D Double-frequency hydrographic survey echo-sounder

PEL-D is a double-frequency hydrographic survey echo-sounder for seabed surveys, designed and constructed by YMG.

Echo-sounder provides:

Frequency Standard: 200 kHz (HF) / 30 kHz (LF), options are available
Frequency range 20–500 ms (15–250 m) HF / 20–2000 ms (15–1500 m) LF
Sounding interval 100–2000 ms (10 ms step) or automatic
Power of transmitter 350 W
Instrumental error 0,2% max.. ВЧ / 0,5% max.. LF
Recording HDD, MOD, RS-232, Ethernet, display
Swell compensator TSS, Seatex MRU, analog swell compensator
Data-output format NMEA, Atlas Deso, Innerspace, Simrad
Navigation Supports NMEA GGA, RMC, GLL, VTG messages. Direct connection to GPS receiver.


Simrad EM 12S-120 multi-beam echo-sounder

Simrad EM 12S-120 is a low-frequency (13 kHz) multi-beam echo-sounder with 90°, 105° and 120° operating from 50 to 11000 m depth range with maximum ship's speed (depending on density of observation).

Echo sounder has 81 beams (1,5° each) and can work in two modes — shallow and deep.

Shallow mode is used at depths from 50 to 700 m with 2 ms pulse length.

Deep water mode is used at depths from 700 to 11000 m, 10 ms pulse length.

Simrad EM 12S-120 is not a completely automated system and it can be connected to the following external sensors:


Simrad EM 3000D multi-beam echo-sounder

EM 3000D is a high resolution multi-beam echo-sounder.

Use: bathymetric and geotechnical surveys.

Frequency 300 kHz
Depth 0,5 — 300 m
Pulse length 100–2000 ms (10 ms step) or automatic
Beam widthwidth 1,5 × 1,5°
Number of beams 127



Deep-water geo-acoustic systems of MAK series

МАК-1М is a multi-purpose, efficient geo-acoustic system for sonar survey and seismo-acoustic profiling of seabed designed and constructed by YMG.


Tow acoustic system
Sensors of tilt and orientation of underwater vehicles
Operating depth 50 — 6000 m
Max tow speed up to 4 knots
High resolution sonarresolution
Operating frequency 100 kHz
Swath for each side up to 300 m
Long range sonar
Operating frequency 30 kHz
Swath for each side up to 1500 m
Acoustic profiler
Operating frequencyfrequency 5 kHz
Penetration depth up to 150 m
Weight of tow fish (in air) 500 kg

Katran-D Side scan sonar

Katran-D is a towed side scan sonar for geological seabed surveys, site surveys and search of objects in shelf zones.

Частота 100 kHz

Based on:

Intel Pentium with MS Windows NT


HDD, MOD, Ethernet, display

Graphic recorder:

EPC thermal printers, Ultra, Ocean, any analog.

HP LaserJet, Canon Bubble Jet.

Input data from navigation systems:

format, compatible with modern navigation systems

Power supply:

220 V, 50 Hz, 300 W max.

Диапазон обзора 50 — 250 m
Разрешение 15 sm
Диаграмма направленности антенн 1 × 50 degrees
Рабочие глубины up to 200 m
Питание +50 V, 200 mA
Размеры 1410 mm,75 mm in diameter
Вес 15 kg