JSC YUZHMORGEOLOGIYA has the ability to organize in a most effective and economic way very complicated technological processes of comprehensive studies of solid minerals in the World's Oceans.

The structural division of JSC YUZHMORGEOLOGIYA, providing specialized ocean-going vessels, processing facilities, research equipment and experienced staff creates a complete cycle from the exploration activity to contouring of the ore fields.  

Moreover, we managed to take a step forward — to carry out preparatory exploration for the next stage of developmental activities and we understand that combining up-to-date technologies with a high level of planning provides new opportunities for our company!


Multi beam echo sounding
Geological interpretation with construction of preliminary geomorphologic maps and structural maps of ore fields
Near-bed acoustic, photo and TV surveys
Gathering geological samples and seabed photographs.
Determination of physical and mechanic properties of sediments and nodules.
Chemical and analytical studies.
Final geological interpretation with evaluation of resources and identification of the prospective areas.


Research equipment:

The technology involved includes a series of studies for the determination of the composition, physical and mechanical properties of sediments and nodules and the dating of sedimentary formations in specialized shipboard and stationary chemical and analytical laboratories.

Technology allows us to:

Ferromanganese nodules — one of the types of the ocean minerals YMG exploration in the Pacific Ocean, 6 km